Saturday, June 2, 2012

Pretend I'm Not Here...

I'm hanging out with Valerie today!  Go check out my post over at her blog:

But I did want to share this with you too...sshhh...

I'm a winner!  Owl Things First was giving away some surprises from her school book fair, so I joined the fun!

She was giving away a variety of books and I got to choose which one I would like.  I chose Pete the Cat because I've heard SO much about him but have never actually read him!  How about you, are YOU a Pete the Cat fan??

In all the hullabaloo of the end of the year (7 more wake-ups), I actually forgot that I was a winner until I saw my mailman wandering around my yard with a package.  I'm not sure why he was wandering around.  Maybe he was new and couldn't find my mailbox?  Anywho, here are my winnings:

And aren't these erasers just the funnest (yeah, yeah, I know) things you've ever seen?  Let me tell you, they will not be used as erasers.  They are sitting right under my computer, looking all cute!

Now, I have a totally non-teacher question.  My hubs and I are looking to get a puppy.  As much as I want to adopt, I have a lot of allergies and it makes me nervous to not know exactly what breed I am getting.  So I've been looking into breeders but I don't want anything connected to a puppy mill.  

How do I know who to trust??  I am hitting a level of frustration.  Has anyone had any success with buying a puppy?  Any advice you can give me?  I'd love to get him over the summer so I can be home with him for awhile before I go back to school.


  1. I've always bought my dogs from the pound or the humane society, but seeing as you have allergies, that makes it quite a lot harder to pick out a dog! Here in Austin, most places you adopt from actually go through an interviewing process! Even when you adopt the dog, they will come do home visits to make sure the dog is in a good home. As long as a process as it seems, its fantastic to know that these places care so much about their dogs. I'm not sure if there are places like that where you are from? I would think that some of these places would have reviews that you could find online as well. Do you know what dog you are looking for? My friend who has allergies is currently looking into a Labradoodle! Wishing you all the luck, new puppies are such an excitement! :)

    1. Thank you for your help! I think I've found one that I want to adopt. I decided to go that route because I just felt like I couldn't trust any of the breeders. So sad.

  2. Wow I feel like you are my Rhode Island twin! I am from Queensland, Australia. I am in my third year of teaching, addicted to blogging and am looking at getting a puppy too but have allergy concerns (asthma and dust allergies)! I think I am wanting something Poodle-ish but I know some people are against cross breeds. I have never had a puppy and can't wait to get one!


    1. Hi twin! Haha. I've always wanted to go to Australia (see my latest post)! I found a shih-tzu/poodle mix on an adoption website - hopefully I get it. Good luck in your search!


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