Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Made-It!

I had a dilemma this year.  I started using the back wall of my classroom for our schedule and our Morning Message/notes board. My back wall, however, is a folding wall, so the white board does not have a ledge.  Where to put my markers and schedule cards?  

I used to have a plastic magnetic box, but I left a white board eraser in it over the summer and the eraser melted to the plastic - eww.  That idea was out the window.  Then I found this at Target on clearance: 

And, while I believe in peace, I'm not lovin the pastel peace signs for my classroom.  Time to paint!

Ok, so the orange (after 2 coats) didn't work out so well.  I decided to go with a dark blue and then cover it in polka dots to match my classroom!

So excited to hang them up in my classroom today!


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