Monday, October 22, 2012

Base-10 Names

One of my colleagues found this project online (I'm not exactly sure where it came from) to help students learn more about Base-10 blocks.  The students got to create their name using the blocks and we turned it into a poster.  We then figured out how many units their name was worth.

We built our names with Base-10 blocks.

Then we cut out Base-10 blocks from paper and covered our names with paper those.  The worksheet can be found here.

Then we glued the paper Base-10 blocks onto poster paper.

And decorated!

Then we figured out how many units our names were worth.  We wrote that number 5 different ways (base-10 blocks, words, standard notation, expanded notation, tally marks, etc).

The kids loved it and they turned out great!


  1. I'll be sharing this with my 2nd grade teacher friends. Thanks!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Checking in from Rockin Teachers!

  3. Love your base ten block name activity!! Rockin Teacher is having a great giveway! Thank you for participating!

  4. What a great activity!!! Thank you for sharing. We did something like this last year in first grade, where the kiddos made bug houses with the base ten blocks and then counted the total, but I love the name idea too! Thanks!!!

    Team V's First Grade Fun


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