Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Too Tall Towers

Last week's science experiment was all about what materials make the tallest towers.  We discussed how a tower must have a wide-base in order for it to not tip over.  We came up with some important properties for towers such as; rigid, strong, solid, and tall.  Then we became engineers and created our own towers!

Some of the materials that the students were able to use included 2 paper cups, 2 pieces of cardboard, a straw, an elastic band, tinfoil and a popsicle stick.

Their towers were very unique:

Some got a little distracted and started "decorating" their towers.  We had gardens, draw-bridges and guards.  I quickly roped them back in and explained that we were trying to make the tallest tower, not the fanciest one!

I wish I could share the pictures I have of the students.  Their faces are priceless!  I caught some photos of towers as they were falling.  Luckily, there were no tears!

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