Thursday, August 1, 2013

Currently It's August {Already?!}

This may or may not be my second post in one day (shhh...).  It's the beginning of the month so I have to link up with Farley's Currently!

Listening: I love listening to The Today Show in the summer!  I think it's because it is a luxury I don't get during the school year.  I feel so up to date on the news!

Loving: I wrote my first post on Ron Clark's book,  The End of Molasses Classes yesterday and posted about it on my fan facebook page.  Well, he saw it and he reposted it on his page!!  Yes!  That's me on his facebook page!  I am starstruck!

P.S. ~ I'm also loving this month's Currently - it's so cute and my favorite so far!

Thinking: There are some huge changes coming to my blog soon!!  I am super-duper excited to share them with you.  There may be some cool prizes involved!

Wanting: I love, love being on vacation but I miss my sweet little puppy!

Needing: To start planning out my school year.  Maybe I'll get to it when I get home from vacation!

B2S Must-Haves: 
1. I think I am going to try out this Facebook page for the beginning of the year this year.  It's from Teaches Third In Georgia.

2. My 31 Bag.  I love this thing!  It is perfect size and oh-so-cute!

3. A good lunchbox.  I don't have a picture of this because I don't have one yet!  I need a cute lunchbox - any idea of where I could get a good one??  Help!

Check out this super awesome school-year bundle!!  Over $200 worth of products for only $30 - amazing!!  Click here or on the picture to grab yours before school starts!


  1. Back to school Facebook looks really cute. And I love my Thirty One bag too! It is my favorite teacher bag! :o)


  2. I got my lunchbox from Thirty One. Your puppy is so cute! That is awesome that you were on Ron Clark saw your post and reposted it!
    Fun in ECSE

  3. I love your bag! I have never heard of Thirty One. I'm going to have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

    Ms Richards's Musings

  4. Yay for your brush with celebrity! Excited for your big blog changes :)

    Lucky to Be in First

  5. Yay for being a celeb! That's so awesome! I love your bag! I need to get me some Thirty One!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  6. I love that Fac3ebook page! I will have to check it out! I also have a 31 teacher bag and have a matching 31 lunch box! I love it! Check them out!

  7. I love Ron Clark too! I heard him speak about 8 years ago and it was the AWESOME! He is so motivational :) I love your 31 bag. I have one from last year and I am trying to decide if I need a new one this year too!
    Mrs. Holder’s First Grade

  8. If you like Vera Bradley, I always grab mine at the outlets for really cheap!

    The Polished Teacher

  9. I have read three Ron Clark's books and they are all amazing. He DOES inspire me!
    My Second Sense

  10. I have a Thirty-One lunch bag and love it!! I highly recommend one!

  11. Aw your puppy is so cute! And I love that 31 bag, I love anything black and white - it just goes with everything!! :)

  12. I love my 31 lunch bag!

    Christina :)
    Apples, Books, and Crayons

  13. That is so exciting about Ron Clark!! Good for you! Love that 31 bag!
    Conversations in Literacy

  14. Finally looking through some more Currently links : ) Very cute bag. I miss our little doggie while we're on vacation...
    Kids Math Teacher


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