Monday, April 15, 2013

Earth Day

We are on vacation this week, so we celebrated Earth Day last week.  I won an awesome pack from My {Not So} Elementary Life and it was perfect for our class!

My (Not So) Elementary Life

Look at everything that is included!!

Each student completed the "Is it Good or Bad for the Earth" activity.  They started out with a blank page that had an Earth with a heart (good) and an Earth with a bandaid (bad).

The students then cut out a set of pictures:

And sort them into the good or bad side of the page.
It was eye-opening for them when they realized that cars and buses aren't good for the Earth.  We had a great discussion about that one.

We also put together this cute little Earth Day craft:

After a class discussion about how we can help the keep the Earth clean and happy, we wrote about it and put the Earth guy together.  They came out so cute!  

Go grab this set from Heidi's store now!

We also read The Lorax, which has to be one of the best Earth Day books for kids, in my opinion.  Such a great message!

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