Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reading Week Scavenger Hunt

Last week was Reading Week in RI!  I always look forward to Reading Week.  I love celebrating books with my students in creative ways.  At the second grade level, they get so into it!

This year was "Dig Deep: Unearth a Good Book."  Of course, the week was so crazy-busy that I didn't take nearly as many photos as I wanted to!

My favorite activity that we did was the Scavenger Hunt at the end of the week.

The students had to choose a path to follow through the maze from the miner above ground to the pile buried gems at the bottom.  Along their path, there were gems and question marks.  At each question mark, they had to answer a reading-related question.  At each gem, the students had to complete an activity.  Here are some close-up pictures of the maze:

 Most of the questions and activities were completed in the classroom.  There were a few, though, that they needed to search for throughout the building.  For example, I sent them down to the office to figure out the answer to the principal's favorite book.

One of the activities was to design a bookmark:

 Another was to read to a partner:

I wish I knew who created this activity so that I could give them credit!  I'm not sure if it was an activity just for our school district or if it was a a state-wide project.  Either way, it was a great way to celebrate reading!


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