Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If you work with little kids...

...then you will definitely enjoy this video!  My brother shared it with me over the weekend and told me I should try this experiment with my kiddos.  I laughed so hard!

Wasn't that great?  I love little kids!

It's been a crazy couple of weeks which means very little blogging from me!  I miss catching up on what you all are doing out there in your classrooms!  But working hard on my new house means I'll have my very own office (with a brandy new desk) soon!  I'm so excited!

While I've been kinda MIA, I've reached 300 followers, 100 blog posts and almost 200 fans at TpT - wowza!  I'll be using next week to celebrate...come join me!

Starting this Saturday, I'll be posting photos of my classroom all week.  Each post comes with a giveaway (and a very big one at the end).  My stores will also be having sales throughout the week as well!  Just a small token of my great appreciation!


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