Sunday, November 11, 2012

Did anyone else know this??

I was reading this book out loud to my kids the other day:

And I had no idea that there were 5 members of the Bear family now!  Honey is the newest member!  Did anyone else know this or have I just been totally out of the loop??

Anyways, I've created a Social Studies project for my students.  In the past, we have done the Flat Stanley project.  It's a lot of work and my students loved it, but I decided to switch it up this year.  We participated in a Postcard Exchange with some lovely bloggers out there!

I haven't told my students that we have received some of our postcards yet.  I plan to pick up a small mailbox from Hobby Lobby and have 1 or 2 cards "delivered" each day.  I'm so excited about it!

I created student booklets to record the info for each state.

We used these to research our own states:


Want your own copy of any of these products?  Just click on the pictures!

 I can't wait to start delivering their postcards!


  1. Lol, I'm pretty sure there's a book where Mama Bear has a baby. You should check it out!

  2. Yes! I just realized that, too. Your state books look great!! :)

  3. Wow! I would have guessed Mama Bear was a little too old to have another baby?? Maybe they did bear-in-vitro? But no, you're not alone. I had NO idea! Cute packet for Social Studies! I'm going to put it on my wish list for when that part of the year comes!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  4. I would have thought Mama was too old to have another baby! CUTE books!

  5. I did know about Honey because I have a Berenstain Bear book about "The New Baby" in my classroom. This book, Go out to eat, however is news to me (which is crazy, I'm such a fan, I thought I owned them all!) I'm off to find it on amazon! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac
    Second Grade Freebies


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