Friday, February 1, 2013

Five for Friday {And a Sale}!

I have another reason to love Fridays (like I needed another reason)!  Doodle Bugs Teaching has created a Five for Friday linky party.

I like linking up and sharing my random things from the week for you!  This week, I really tried to stick to a "school theme."  Here ya go!

1. Compound words with a Scoot component!  The students had so much fun with this.  It took a few days to complete this project, but that was okay.  Day 1 was for drawing.  The students chose a compound word.  Then they drew the first part of the word on the left side of the paper and the second part of the word on the right hand side.  

Day 2 was for scooting.  I have no idea if I play this game the right way or if I am just making up my own version.  I numbered the drawings and put one on each desk.  The students numbered their lined paper and moved around the room, writing down what they thought each compound word was.  For example, here is rain+bow=rainbow:

2.  At snack time, I read aloud a chapter book.  It keeps the students calm and gets in an extra read-aloud during the day.  We usually read Magic Tree House or A to Z Mysteries.  I love leaving them hanging at the end of each chapter and they get so into it!  This week we were reading Dolphins At Daybreak and Jack and Annie have to find a pearl.  I just happened to wear my {Hawaiian} pearl necklace on the day we read it.  I was so excited to be able to share what a pearl was with my students.  {And I love anything that reminds me of Hawaii!}

3.  We go mail!  We started our postcard exchange this week and we got our very first postcards!  Okay, okay, technically I already have most of the postcards but the kids don't know that.  You should've heard their gasps when I said we had mail - so exciting!  I'll post more on that later.

4.  We started Daily 5 (read more here) this week!  Here is one of my little ones checking out the chart.  So responsible!

5.  I didn't have such a great day today.  :(  So, what's a teacher to do?  Have a good drink?  Nope, don't drink.  Have an extra large sundae?  Nope, too cold out.  Shop for clothes?  Nope, not really my thing.  Organize?  Heck yes!   I love the way Jamie Rector over at 2nd Grade Stuff has organized her room and I'm going to copy her make mine similar!  I like the book bins in my class library but none of them match.  It drives me bananas!  So I picked up these lovelies at The Dollar Tree today:

Well that was my week!  How was yours?  Go link up with Doodlebugs!

Don't forget, this weekend is the big game sale!  The Patriots are out of the Super Bowl so I may or may not be boycotting the game...  Instead I'm joining up with Teachers Pay Teachers and throwing a huge sale in my store!

                Thanks to Ashley Hughes for the graphic!

My store will be on sale February 3rd and 4th.  I plan to do a LOT of shopping as well!


  1. I love Five for Friday!

    As far as scoot, that's how I play it, although I have always wondered if I was doing it right too. Glad to know we are in the same boat!

    So glad you started Daily 5 this week! I can't wait to read more after you get knee deep!

    The Frizz

    The Frizz in First Grade

  2. Love the baskets :) I cannot wait to see how they turn out! They Daily 5 is great. I hope you all have wild success with it.

    The Brown-Bag Teacher


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