Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hall Pass {Linky}

Tonight I'm linking up with Reagan to share my "Hall Pass"

Here's how it works:

P is for Product
My favorite product, without a doubt, are my Writing Journal Prompts.  The reason is two-fold.  One, I use them Every.Single.Day in my classroom!   It's my kids morning work every day so it gets in a little extra writing (and illustrating!) time, but also keeps them busy while I take attendance and lunch count. Two, they are my best-selling item, so I know they are helping other teachers and students around the country (and the world)!

A is for Area
Ok, I have two favorite spots in my classroom.  The first is my desk area.  I recently converted it to an area to meet with students (read more here).  I love getting this one-on-one or small group time with my students.  They really open up and share!  Oh, and they love the stools too!

My second favorite area is my library.  I've always loved my library and I've always loved switching it around!  Right now, I am in the process of getting new baskets that match and that fit correctly on the shelves.  My inner-OCD is cheering very loudly right now.

S is for Signal
My time-timer.  It is seriously the best purchase I have ever made for my classroom.  Not only does it keep me on schedule, but the kids are aware of how much time they have left.  They know exactly what to do when it beeps.  I do wish the beep wasn't quite so annoying, but it works!  It is amazing for setting routines.  I used to joke last year that my classroom could run itself as long as someone went in and set the time for them!

S is for Sanity
Hmm...I think I need a little more work in this area.  I have a "teacher drawer" that holds these:

I can satisfy my sweet tooth with just one (really!) and the cute little sayings in the wrapper always make my day!

I also like to come home and check in with all my blogger buddies.  They keep me uplifted and motivated!

What does your Hall Pass look like??


  1. I'm jealous one chocolate satisfies your sweet tooth! I'm gonna have to work on that!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  2. You are stronger than I am my one chocolate tends to multiply. I love your meeting area. My goal is to one day have an area like this.

    Apples and Papers

  3. I love that timer! WAY better than the cell phone timer that I have... I'm always worried that when I set it my students think I'm texting! Where did you get it?

    Savvy in Second

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your teacher desk area! I really want to loose my big, bulky, junky old desk.. but teacher desks seem to be the norm at my new school! Plus, my assistant has a desk.. so I think it would be weird if I gave mine up.. although I don't use for anything other than as a landing pad for papers.. I would love to create a space like you have! Wow! Perhaps next school year? I also love your library -- pink and green!! So cute!

    That's So Second Grade

  5. ONE? Seriously?! I can only WISH for that!
    Love your color coordinated library and NEED that timer. That is truly cool!

  6. Aren't those Dove chocolates delightful!

    Love your classroom pics...I'm with ya on the OCD basket dealie...if only I had more money!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  7. Sorry I licked the monitor at the end of your post. I had to ban my chocolate jar because I have zero self control. Thanks so much for linking up! You are too cute!


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