Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Educents Bundle just for Grades 2-3!

This HUGE bundle of best-selling products from top Grades 2-3 sellers is on sale over at Educents!  It's 78% off {I just love a great deal} and is a great way to jumpstart your planning for 2014!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Looking for a Holiday Present for Parents

Hi all!  Here's a post from my new blog, The Colorful Apple.  I thought I would share here too, in case you haven't had a chance to venture over there yet!

Are you looking for a gift for your students to give to their parents this holiday season?  Well, I have just the thing for you!  Okay, did that sound like a corny commercial or what?  But seriously, I am in LOVE with my latest product!  

It's called Create A Calendar and it stems from my elementary school years.  My parents have been cleaning out their basement, which means they drop a bunch of boxes of my stuff on my doorstep.  More than once.  Anyways, as I was going through the boxes, I came across a calendar that I had made in school.  Of course, it wasn't all fancy and done on the computer.  It was hand drawn and copied by my teacher.

Here's how it worked.  It looked like a regular calendar that you would hang on the wall or on the fridge.  The bottom portion was the days of the month and the top was a hand-drawn portion by me.  Each picture was related to that month in some way.  For example, in December I drew a Christmas tree with presents.

I remember my parents loving these calendars, so I took the idea and ran with it!  I created a 2014 calendar for your students to create for their parents.  Each month comes with a drawing and a writing prompt.  You could use the writing portion for older students.  There are also blank pages if you want your students to come up with their own idea for a drawing.

I did the April page to show you what it looks like:

All the pages are in black and white, so you won't use a lot of ink when printing them.  It also gives your students the option to color in the pictures as well.

The pages should be copied back to back so that it creates a calendar.  For example, on the back of the April calendar is the May drawing page.

 Here's an up-close look at my April page.  I worked hard on that coloring!

Each calendar page has a spot for notes...

...as well as a to-do list on the side (my personal favorite!).

Here's the cover right now.  I don't like it.  I am in the process of re-creating it to make it look more appealing.  Any idea of what I could add??  I'm completely stuck on this one.

Also included in the set is an undated calendar, so you can use it for years to come without having to re-purchase it!  I will update it next year to include a 2015 calendar.

Click here or on the picture below to grab a copy from my TpT store.    Let me know what you think.  I hope you like it as much as I do!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Win $50 in Gift Cards!

Hi all!  Come check out my new blog, The Colorful Apple, and you could win $25 to Target and $25 to TpT!

Enter to win the Target gift card here and the TpT gift card here.  YOu have until tomorrow night - good luck!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Long Time, No See!

Hi all!  Have you missed me?  In case you haven't heard, I've moved!  I am no longer a second grade teacher, so I changed my blog.  I am now The Colorful Apple!

I have so many wonderful fans here and I would love for you to come visit me in my new home!  I will be sharing new fifth grade ideas, as well as some of my popular posts from second grade.

Since I appreciate all of you so so much, I thought I would host a double giveaway.  Since there is less than 8 weeks till Christmas (ok, maybe you didn't want to know that), I thought $25 to Target sounded like a good prize!

Then, when you come visit The Colorful Apple, there will be another gift card giveaway waiting for you there!  Feel free to enter both!  Both contests end on Thursday, November 8th.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Big One!

It's my biggest giveaway yet!  Come over to The Colorful Apple to win a $50 gift card to Really Good Stuff!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Brand New Blog Giveaway! Day #3

It's Day 3 of my Brand New Blog Giveaway!  Come visit me at The Colorful Apple and enter to win a Panera gift card!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Brand New Blog Giveaway! Day #2

In case you haven't heard, I've moved!!  Come visit me in my new home over at The Colorful Apple!  Today you have a chance to win a $25 Target Gift Card!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Brand New Blog Giveaway!

Just popping in quick to tell you that I no longer live here!  I have a brand new set of students {5th graders} so I have created a brand new blog!  Come find me over at The Colorful Apple!

And just for coming to visit, you can enter a giveaway every day this week!  Today I am giving away a gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers!  

Head on over and let me know what you think!

{Please come visit, I only have 7 followers!}

Monday, September 2, 2013


I'm still alive - I promise!  Back to School was a busy one this year.  I have switched grades and am now a 5th grade teacher!  Along with switching grades, I also switched classrooms.   Without exaggeration, my new classroom is the furthest classroom from my old one.  Seriously, 3 flights of stairs and the entire length of the building.  And I have a lot of stuff!  Thank goodness for best friends and husbands!

Speaking of a new grade, my new blog is almost done (I think!).  It's taking a little longer than I thought,  but if you want a sneak preview, go check it out!

Once, my new blog is all set, I will be posting pictures of my classroom as well as pictures from the first week.  I can't wait to share!

Now it is time for this month's Currently from Farley!

Fall is my absolute favorite season.  I love the smells, sights and back to school of course!  I am also super excited to be teaching 5th grade.  I have so many ideas and can't wait to implement them!  I am definitely looking for your help though too.  What are some awesome activities to do with 5th graders??

The last box is for loving yourself.  I really need to make sure I am eating healthy.  I think going back to a regular routine (and not as many bbq's) will help!  Cooking dinner is something I really want to focus on as well.  I love to eat out and hate to cook.  But I need to save money and eat healthy!  

Happy September!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Best and Most!

It's back-to-school time!  Back to school always reminds me of high school, when I got to see all my friends again after summer ended.  Yes, it's been 10 years since I've been in high school.  I'm currently planning my high school reunion {don't even get me started on that one}.   Senior year, I was voted "Done Most for the Class" and Prom Queen.  Here are some embarrassing photos.  Check out those braces!

Since I am no longer in high school, I am linking up with Christina Bainbridge to show your the Best and Most of my Teachers Pay Teachers store!  Just in time for the Big Sale!

Teacher's Pet
Something that every teacher needs!  Check out The Calendar Notebook!  I am so super excited to use this product this year.  I was always carrying a calendar and a notebook to meetings (among other things).  So I decided to combine the two!  See more pictures here!

Most Likely to Help Your Students Succeed
This is my absolute favorite product!  {Also my best-seller!}  It's great for students and for teachers.  Writing Journal Prompts are a set of 12 calendars with writing prompts for every day of the school week - over 300 writing prompts!  There are journal covers for each month and a variety of writing pages, depending on the level of your students.  Read more here!

Best Couple
Who doesn't love owls??  These two products are a perfect match and they both use the most adorable owls ever.  Open House is a Hoot is a set that includes everything you need for Open House or Meet the Teacher Night.  There are signs, banners, bookmarks, sign-in sheets, activities and more!  Owls in the Classroom will help you decorate your room!  It includes name-tags, a calendar set, voice level chart, behavior clip chart, schedule, classroom jobs and more!


Go on over to Christina's blog to see some more "Best and Most" posts!

Bunting Books and Bainbridge

And, tomorrow, head on over to my store to get all these items (and more) on sale!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week '13: Let's Talk About Me Monday

It's Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin!  My favorite week of the Blog-Year!  Okay, yeah I just made that up, but you know what I mean.

Here are 10 things about me!

I'm not a second grade teacher anymore!  After 4 and a half years in second, I am moving up to fifth grade.  As much as I loved second grade, but I am super excited about my new adventure.  When I told my family and friends I was moving, their first question was, "What about your blog??"  I made the decision to start a whole new blog that won't be grade-specific.  It was a huge decision that I am super nervous about.  Come check it out!  It's called The Colorful Apple.  Make sure you follow me because there are a lot of prizes in store for my fans (next week)!

In my mind, I've been a teacher all my life.  The day I met my kindergarten teacher, I knew I wanted to be one when I grew up.  It probably helps that a majority of my family are teachers too!  I was that girl who had my own classroom set up in my basement.

Family is super important to me! My husband and I both come from large, close families.   I've been on vacation fro 2 weeks and it is the longest I have gone without seeing them.  I miss them!  I am very lucky to grow up with such a supportive, caring, loving family.

My husband and I at our reherasal dinner.  He loves Star Wars so my brother made him a Yoda cake!

My siblings at my sister's wedding this summer.

I'm not a big clothes or shoes kinda girl, but I LOVE purses!  I buy them all the time.  It drives my husband crazy but he humors me because he knows how obsessed I am.  It probably doesn't help that I like expensive purses.  But.  I refuse to pay full price for them.  I only buy them at the outlet stores when they are 80% off. 

Growing up, we never had any animals.  There was the occasional fish, but they never lasted long.  I never had any inclination to get an animal until recently.  After we moved into our house, we got a Yorkie.   To say that I am obsessed with him is an understatement!  I have been away from him for over 2 weeks and I miss him terribly right now!

Raleigh keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

I eat like a 5-year old.  I would take macaroni and cheese over a steak any day.  I don't eat my vegetables.  I love chicken nuggets.  Again, this drives my husband crazy.  It used to drive my mother crazy too, but I think she gave up on me.  I also hate to cook.  Good thing my husband likes to!

I'm not a huge TV/movie person.  I'll turn the TV on, but just for background noise.  I can't just sit and watch a movie.  I get bored too easily.  Friends and Big Bang Theory are my favorite shows, though.

I am super organized and neat.  I always have been.  My friends and family totally tease me about it, but I'm okay with that!  In college, my roommate was not neat and you could literally see the line down the middle of the room (we did get along though!).  I have had colleagues offer to pay me to organize their classrooms.  Maybe one day, I'll be an interior {classroom} decorator!
As you can see in the photo above, I am the shortest of all my siblings.  You can't tell, but I have very high heels on.  I am also the oldest out of the four of us.  My husband is the youngest of his (5) siblings and is the tallest.

 Here's further proof. Super high-heels. Still the shortest. By a lot.

I love New England sports! Mainly the Red Sox and the Patriots.  I have never been to a Patriots game before {too cold}, but I love watching them every Sunday in the fall!  Red Sox games are my favorite to attend.  Love Fenway Park!

My bachelorette party at a Red Sox game.

This is what the rest of the week looks like - come join in the fun!


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