Saturday, August 17, 2013

Best and Most!

It's back-to-school time!  Back to school always reminds me of high school, when I got to see all my friends again after summer ended.  Yes, it's been 10 years since I've been in high school.  I'm currently planning my high school reunion {don't even get me started on that one}.   Senior year, I was voted "Done Most for the Class" and Prom Queen.  Here are some embarrassing photos.  Check out those braces!

Since I am no longer in high school, I am linking up with Christina Bainbridge to show your the Best and Most of my Teachers Pay Teachers store!  Just in time for the Big Sale!

Teacher's Pet
Something that every teacher needs!  Check out The Calendar Notebook!  I am so super excited to use this product this year.  I was always carrying a calendar and a notebook to meetings (among other things).  So I decided to combine the two!  See more pictures here!

Most Likely to Help Your Students Succeed
This is my absolute favorite product!  {Also my best-seller!}  It's great for students and for teachers.  Writing Journal Prompts are a set of 12 calendars with writing prompts for every day of the school week - over 300 writing prompts!  There are journal covers for each month and a variety of writing pages, depending on the level of your students.  Read more here!

Best Couple
Who doesn't love owls??  These two products are a perfect match and they both use the most adorable owls ever.  Open House is a Hoot is a set that includes everything you need for Open House or Meet the Teacher Night.  There are signs, banners, bookmarks, sign-in sheets, activities and more!  Owls in the Classroom will help you decorate your room!  It includes name-tags, a calendar set, voice level chart, behavior clip chart, schedule, classroom jobs and more!


Go on over to Christina's blog to see some more "Best and Most" posts!

Bunting Books and Bainbridge

And, tomorrow, head on over to my store to get all these items (and more) on sale!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week '13: Let's Talk About Me Monday

It's Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin!  My favorite week of the Blog-Year!  Okay, yeah I just made that up, but you know what I mean.

Here are 10 things about me!

I'm not a second grade teacher anymore!  After 4 and a half years in second, I am moving up to fifth grade.  As much as I loved second grade, but I am super excited about my new adventure.  When I told my family and friends I was moving, their first question was, "What about your blog??"  I made the decision to start a whole new blog that won't be grade-specific.  It was a huge decision that I am super nervous about.  Come check it out!  It's called The Colorful Apple.  Make sure you follow me because there are a lot of prizes in store for my fans (next week)!

In my mind, I've been a teacher all my life.  The day I met my kindergarten teacher, I knew I wanted to be one when I grew up.  It probably helps that a majority of my family are teachers too!  I was that girl who had my own classroom set up in my basement.

Family is super important to me! My husband and I both come from large, close families.   I've been on vacation fro 2 weeks and it is the longest I have gone without seeing them.  I miss them!  I am very lucky to grow up with such a supportive, caring, loving family.

My husband and I at our reherasal dinner.  He loves Star Wars so my brother made him a Yoda cake!

My siblings at my sister's wedding this summer.

I'm not a big clothes or shoes kinda girl, but I LOVE purses!  I buy them all the time.  It drives my husband crazy but he humors me because he knows how obsessed I am.  It probably doesn't help that I like expensive purses.  But.  I refuse to pay full price for them.  I only buy them at the outlet stores when they are 80% off. 

Growing up, we never had any animals.  There was the occasional fish, but they never lasted long.  I never had any inclination to get an animal until recently.  After we moved into our house, we got a Yorkie.   To say that I am obsessed with him is an understatement!  I have been away from him for over 2 weeks and I miss him terribly right now!

Raleigh keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

I eat like a 5-year old.  I would take macaroni and cheese over a steak any day.  I don't eat my vegetables.  I love chicken nuggets.  Again, this drives my husband crazy.  It used to drive my mother crazy too, but I think she gave up on me.  I also hate to cook.  Good thing my husband likes to!

I'm not a huge TV/movie person.  I'll turn the TV on, but just for background noise.  I can't just sit and watch a movie.  I get bored too easily.  Friends and Big Bang Theory are my favorite shows, though.

I am super organized and neat.  I always have been.  My friends and family totally tease me about it, but I'm okay with that!  In college, my roommate was not neat and you could literally see the line down the middle of the room (we did get along though!).  I have had colleagues offer to pay me to organize their classrooms.  Maybe one day, I'll be an interior {classroom} decorator!
As you can see in the photo above, I am the shortest of all my siblings.  You can't tell, but I have very high heels on.  I am also the oldest out of the four of us.  My husband is the youngest of his (5) siblings and is the tallest.

 Here's further proof. Super high-heels. Still the shortest. By a lot.

I love New England sports! Mainly the Red Sox and the Patriots.  I have never been to a Patriots game before {too cold}, but I love watching them every Sunday in the fall!  Red Sox games are my favorite to attend.  Love Fenway Park!

My bachelorette party at a Red Sox game.

This is what the rest of the week looks like - come join in the fun!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Five for Friday {August 9}

1. I got my first massage yesterday!  I got a hot rock massage at our hotel and it was amazing.  I've never even been to a spa before.  It was so relaxing.  Let's just say it won't be my last massage.  Here's the view from the spa.

2. I have had a lot of interest in my Open House post from last year.  I created an Open House {or Meet the Teacher Night} packet with an owl theme!  I think it came out so cute.  I will post more pictures once I get home and have access to a printer.

3.  Since I know not everyone has an owl obsession, I am also creating a basic school supplies packet as well!  Look for it soon!

4. Speaking of TpT, I saw this on a bus yesterday.  I have no idea what tpthawaii stands for, but all I could think of was Teachers Pay Teachers!

5. Only 2 days left to grab this fantastic School Year Bundle from Educents!  24 products for only $30, that's over $170 in savings!!  I purchased my bundle last week and there are some amazing products from some wonderful teachers in this set.  I highly recommend it.  Click here or on the picture to check it out.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The End of Molasses Classes Part IV

My book study has come to an end!  I am wrapping up The End of Molasses Classes by Ron Clark today.  {Check out Part I, Part II and Part III}

Reaching Out Beyond the Classroom

88. Remember that the Little Things Can Make All the Difference
Take those few extra steps to do something for someone else, whether it be a student or a colleague.  It can have a huge impact on their day or even their life.  Sometimes what takes us such a short amount of time can bring so much joy and inspiration to others.

89. Provide Lessons in Life that Will Become Lessons for Life
Teach students how to shake hands.  Teach them how to make eye-contact.  Teach them how to be respectful.  All to often we expect students to already know how to conduct themselves in public, when they may very well not know how.  And then we proceed to judge them as being disrespectful.  If we teach students these qualities and then hold them to an expectation of presenting them, it will make a huge difference in their attitudes and behaviors.

90. Uplift the Students who have the Furthest to Go
It is so easy to praise the students who are at the top of the class or are the most athletic or the friendliest.  Most of the time, it's those students who are struggling, either socially or academically, they really need your support and encouragement.  Those low-performing students need that extra praise or one on one support to know that someone really truly cares about them.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite parts of The End of Molasses Classes.  In truth, I loved the whole book and have been deeply inspired by it.  It will be one of those books that I keep close to my desk or bed to help me on those toughest days.  A book that I will refer to many, many times throughout my career.  I highly encourage that all teachers read Ron's Clark book and I would love to hear what you have to say about it.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The End of Molasses Classes Part III

I'm back with Part III of The End of Molasses Classes, by Ron Clark.  {Check out Part I and Part II as well.}

Creating the Right Climate and Culture

40. Dress the Part; Attire Matters!
Yes, we all love our dress-down Fridays.   I'm even jealous of those teachers who can wear flip-flops to work!  Our dress code isn't super strict, but I try to dress professionally.  According to Mr. Clark, I could be doing a lot better!  At his school, all his teachers wear suits or a professional dress.  His reasoning includes; more respect from students and parents, a sense of pride and more confidence.  I know on Fridays, I definitely feel more relaxed, but maybe it is too relaxed.  I will definitely be updating my wardrobe this year (don't tell my husband).

51. Don't Constantly Stress About Test Scores
We teach to the test, we teach the test, we test.   These poor students are probably so sick of that word these days!  We need to stop sending the message to our students that the purpose of learning is to take a test.  Yes, it is important that students are tested in order to determine growth but we need to stray away from the idea that we are only teaching them so that they can get a good score.  In order to ensure these good scores and motivate students to do well, we shouldn't be holding a number over their heads.  In Mr. Clark's words, we should be "teaching our butts off."

60. Show Them Examples of Excellence
I viewed this as coinciding with not stressing the test scores.  We don't want students to do well just so that they score well on a test.  We want them to be successful in life.  Show students examples of individuals who are performing at their highest levels, such as an author, artist, athlete or actor.  Stress the importance of working hard in order to become a professional one day.

65. Encourage Children to Cheer for One Another
As teachers, we always celebrate the success of students {right??}.  However, we don't always encourage students to cheer each other on.  Have students clap, cheer and inspire each other.  What a positive classroom atmosphere that would create.  This strategy sets the tone for a supportive and safe learning environment.  

74. Fake it to Make it
This is a bonus one for the day.  The Fake it to Make it chapter appeals to not only teachers, but to everyone!  If you wake up in a bad mood, fake a good mood!  Force yourself to put a smile on your face and add a little pep to you step and eventually you will be in a good mood.

I just ordered my School Year Bundle from Educents and I am SO excited to start downloading these awesome products.  There are some pretty talented ladies in this set!  Click here or on the picture to check it out!

Friday, August 2, 2013

The End of Molasses Classes Part II

I'm back with Part II of my Molasses Classes book study!  You can read Part I here.

The Role of the Parent in the Success of the Child

28. Remind Children of Their Blessings and Stress the Value of a Strong Work Ethic
I have a friend who just returned from a trip to aide schools in Peru.  She said their group brought a package of crayons for the students {since they weren't really supposed to bring anything}.  One package.  For the whole class.  And the students were absolutely ecstatic.  She said is was absolutely amazing how grateful these young students were.  

Children need to be reminded constantly of how fortunate they are to live in a country where they have the chance to get an education, live in a free society, and have an opportunity to be successful through hard work.  Enough said.

30. Don't Get Your Kid a Video Game System Unless You are Ready to be a Prison Guard
My husband and I don't have any children yet, but I can see this as a potential issue in our house.  He is a huge video game fan (yes, at the age of 28) and I absolutely hate video games.  I always have, I always will.  I would much rather see a child participate in an activity that will build their imagination.

I'll be back tomorrow with Part III of The End of Molasses Classes!

Before you go, have you checked out this AWESOME deal from Educents?  It's a steal!  Over $200 worth of wonderful products for only $30!  Click here or on the picture below to grab yours before school starts this year!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Currently It's August {Already?!}

This may or may not be my second post in one day (shhh...).  It's the beginning of the month so I have to link up with Farley's Currently!

Listening: I love listening to The Today Show in the summer!  I think it's because it is a luxury I don't get during the school year.  I feel so up to date on the news!

Loving: I wrote my first post on Ron Clark's book,  The End of Molasses Classes yesterday and posted about it on my fan facebook page.  Well, he saw it and he reposted it on his page!!  Yes!  That's me on his facebook page!  I am starstruck!

P.S. ~ I'm also loving this month's Currently - it's so cute and my favorite so far!

Thinking: There are some huge changes coming to my blog soon!!  I am super-duper excited to share them with you.  There may be some cool prizes involved!

Wanting: I love, love being on vacation but I miss my sweet little puppy!

Needing: To start planning out my school year.  Maybe I'll get to it when I get home from vacation!

B2S Must-Haves: 
1. I think I am going to try out this Facebook page for the beginning of the year this year.  It's from Teaches Third In Georgia.

2. My 31 Bag.  I love this thing!  It is perfect size and oh-so-cute!

3. A good lunchbox.  I don't have a picture of this because I don't have one yet!  I need a cute lunchbox - any idea of where I could get a good one??  Help!

Check out this super awesome school-year bundle!!  Over $200 worth of products for only $30 - amazing!!  Click here or on the picture to grab yours before school starts!

Exclusive Bundle!

graphics from From the Pond, Moffatt Girls, and Cara Carroll
I am sooo excited to tell y'all about this Back to School Bundle! For $30, you get all this {valued at $201 on TpT}! And if you sign up for Educents, you get it for $25. And if you're like me and still have referral credit from April, you get ALL of this for $15! And yes, I bought it even though I have a file in the bundle! 
Have you seen it?

Would you like a $5 credit for Educents?  Simply click the button below to sign up!


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