Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Time for Subtraction!

Who knows the subtraction facts??

Common Core Aligned, this packet will help you keep track of student subtraction fact fluency. It offers flash cards for students to practice at home (or in a math center) as well as recording sheets for you to test your students in subtraction fact fluency.

~ student flash cards
~ teacher flash cards
~ class recording chart
~ student recording charts

There are directions and pictures included to help you organize and implement this product.

I uploaded the addition set, way back when.  Here are some pictures from that set:

View the full post here on how to set up this packet!  

Pick up the {Addition} and {Subtraction} packets today!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Have you heard??  Instagram is all the rage right now!  You can find me at Smiling In Second Grade.

Most of the time I share photos from my classroom...

But, sometimes, I share pictures of my cute little puppy too!

Have you joined the Instagram bandwagon?  I want to know!  Leave your name in the comments below and I'll come find you!  Then, on Tuesday, join the Teacher Talk Tuesday party with Apples and ABCs and What the Teacher Wants.

Each Tuesday, teachers everywhere are invited to Instagram a picture with the hashtag: 

The idea is, on Tuesdays, if we all all use this hashtag, we will be able to search teachers near and far, and create a community that can support and grow together.  For your picture each Tuesday, choose anything that you want to share with other teachers.  They will be able to see your picture when you click on the phrase: #teachertalktuesday

Here is a little Instagram 101 from Apples and ABCs:
1. It is like Facebook, but with only pictures
2. You can make your profile private if you want
3. You can make write a caption under your picture and comment or like photos

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Five for Friday {April 26}

Happy Friday...err Saturday!  It has been a super busy week and I have been a slacker blogger.  The end of the year is quickly approaching, so much to do!

Anyways, it's early in the morning, so this still counts as a Five for Friday post, right?  I'm going to share five of my random photos from this week, thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Here they are:

1. We finished up our solids unit in Science and have moved onto liquids.  We had a lot of fun rolling around these bottles to discover that liquids can be thin or thick.

2.  Teacher Appreciation Day is coming up (May 7th), so my students have been writing notes to their favorite staff members.  Our PBIS team will collect all the notes and give each staff member a folder full of appreciation notes.  I thought this one was awesome:
What I like most about {the janitor} is...whenever I come to school it looks cleaner than last time.  You make our classroom clean for us.

3. Some of my kiddos are working on sentence structure.  I wrote out sentences and cut them up.  They had to put them back together so that it made sense.  They quickly learned that some were easier than others!

4. Bought myself a to-do list.  I saw it at Staples for $1.00 and didn't buy it.  I couldn't stop thinking about how helpful this would be for me, so I went back and grabbed it!  It might be the best $1.00 I've ever spent!  There was a moment of panic for my husband when I took it out of the bag.  He thought I got it for him!

5. My sister's bridal shower is today!  I've been working hard all week creating fun stuff for it.  I hope she likes it!  And I may have found a new calling...anyone need some bridal games??  I'll create them for you!  Etsy I come!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Magical Product Swap!

Yay!  It's time for another Magical Product Swap.  I missed the first one, but signed up for the second one and had a great time, so I decided to do it again!


I swapped products with the wonderful Mary over at Pitner's Potpourri.

She sent me her Farm Full of Nouns.  How cute is this??

There are 10 different games that are all related to nouns and have a farm theme!  I decided to put some of them to the test.  Take a look:

Singular or Plural Matching

Who Let the Critters Out 

Henhouse Compound Words 

And that is only some of the games!  There are 7 more activities in this set!  There are board games, writing activities and more pocket chart fun.  And each one has a fun name too!

Every game comes with a cover page, which has student-friendly directions on it.  This makes the set perfect for student centers!  Each game also includes the Common Core Standards that it addresses.

 The activities also include answer keys, which is extremely helpful!

Go grab your copy of A Farm Full of Nouns!

Then head on over to  Pitner's Potpourri to see which product of mine Mary is reviewing!

Finally, a huge thanks goes out to Jessica Stanford for putting this all together!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Five for Friday!

It's Five for Friday time with Doodle Bugs Teaching!  Fridays are quite as fun when you're on vacation, though.  It means it's almost over!  Since I have been on vacation, I don't have any classroom photos to share.  I still have my five pictures though!

1. My heart goes out to Boston this week.  Boston you're my home.

2. My friend and I had a puppy date.  Despise the size difference, these two love each other!  It's so fun to watch them play together.

3.  I started to revamp some of my old products.  Yikes!  The difference in the two is huge.  I am almost embarrassed to share my old one!  If you want to grab some Mother's Day poems, check them out here!

4. I've been putting my TpT talents to good use!  I've been creating things for my sister's bridal shower.  Hopefully she doesn't read my blog!

5.  My TpT check came this week!  I'm investing in a larger desk.  Do you think I need one???

How was your week?  Go link up your Five for Friday!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Put a Poem in Your Pocket!

April is Poetry Month and today is Put a Poem in Your Pocket Day!  Ok, I just found out about the poem in your pocket thing today.  I had never heard of it before!

The end of April is also coming, which means May and Mother's Day is right around the corner!  I got a jump on things and created some Mother's Day templates for you to use in your classroom.  You can integrate Poetry Month and Mother's Day.

In the pack, I made sure to include not only mothers, but grandmothers and aunts as well.

There are pages for your students to draw pictures of a special woman in their life.

They can create lists of words to describe their mom, aunt or grandma.

Acrostic poems are definitely my favorite!

You can pick up Mother's Day Poems in my {TpT} or {TN} shops today!

You can also grab Bitten by the Poetry Bug in my {TpT} or {TN} shops!

Happy Put a Poem in Your Pocket day!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Reading Week Scavenger Hunt

Last week was Reading Week in RI!  I always look forward to Reading Week.  I love celebrating books with my students in creative ways.  At the second grade level, they get so into it!

This year was "Dig Deep: Unearth a Good Book."  Of course, the week was so crazy-busy that I didn't take nearly as many photos as I wanted to!

My favorite activity that we did was the Scavenger Hunt at the end of the week.

The students had to choose a path to follow through the maze from the miner above ground to the pile buried gems at the bottom.  Along their path, there were gems and question marks.  At each question mark, they had to answer a reading-related question.  At each gem, the students had to complete an activity.  Here are some close-up pictures of the maze:

 Most of the questions and activities were completed in the classroom.  There were a few, though, that they needed to search for throughout the building.  For example, I sent them down to the office to figure out the answer to the principal's favorite book.

One of the activities was to design a bookmark:

 Another was to read to a partner:

I wish I knew who created this activity so that I could give them credit!  I'm not sure if it was an activity just for our school district or if it was a a state-wide project.  Either way, it was a great way to celebrate reading!


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