Sunday, March 25, 2012

Quick Check-In

I had a whole other title planned for this post, but, well, it wasn't quite appropriate.  Moving on.

I am on my way to bed (how is it Sunday night already??) but I wanted to tell you about my weekend and I have something in store for my readers.

Yesterday I took two of my nephews to see The Addams Family.   I LOVE musicals (Christina Bainbridge, you and I need to hang out!) but I knew nothing about the Addams Family.  Yeah, I've heard of them but I've never seen the show, movie, etc.  I was kinda roped into it by accident, thanks to a mistake by my MIL and I wasn't really that interested.  However, I ended up being pleasantly surprised!  I didn't think the music was great, but it was really funny.  And it probably wasn't the most appropriate show for a 7-year old.  It wasn't my idea to take him though, so you can't blame me!  We did have a great time though.

Today, I got to see The Hunger Games.  I went with some of my family and we had a little mix-up of theaters.  We ended up getting there after the previews started and the only spots left were in the front row. It was definitely an interesting perspective!  I was a little nervous about seeing the movie after reading the book (I always like the book better...ahem Twilight...) but the movie was really well done.  I was impressed!

Now onto you guys.  I leave for Disney in 20 days (yeahhh, I'm not counting) and it's been a stressful couple of months so I definitely won't be doing any schoolwork on this trip.  But I don't want you to miss me too much while I'm gone!  So I was trying to think of some posts I could create ahead of time to share with you while I'm gone.   My classroom!  I haven't really shared many pictures/descriptions of my classroom since I started blogging and I want to show you what this year looks like before I change for next year!  I'm going to start taking pictures this week.  I'm so excited!

There might also be a TpT/TN sale involved as well...stay tuned!

P.S. ~ If you're still reading...this really wasn't a QUICK post, huh?


  1. Disney!?!? Sounds like fun!!! Can't wait to see your classroom!!!! :-)

  2. Thanks for finding my blog. Enjoy your break in Disneyland. I am your newest follower.

    rubber boots and elf shoes

  3. Cute blog~! I'm your newest follower.

  4. Twilight (the movie) so ruined my visual images I created from reading the books. :) I'm a little worried about seeing The Hunger Games for that reason.

    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. I found the Hunger Games to be extremely close to what I pictured. Twilight wasn't at all what I pictured and even Harry Potter was a let down for me. I highly recommend the movie.

  5. I saw Hunger Games too this weekend. Loved it! The books are *always* better though. :)

    Second Grade Sugar and Spice

  6. I read the book, The Hunger Games, and I want to see the movie, even though the book REALLY disturbed me! But my friend saw it Friday night, and she said that the production was TERRIBLE! She said it was like a 12 did it with a handheld camera. I know you liked it, but what did you think of the photography? I'm a little afraid now...

    1. The camera-work at the beginning was a bit shaky (we were also in the front row lol) but I found that it got much better as the movie went on. And I definitely agree - the storyline was a bit disturbing! I thought that the directors did a good job with not showing too much violence ( a lot happens off-camera). It also helped that I knew what was going to happen - so I was prepared!

  7. I saw Hunger Games this weekend and it was AWESOME! I gave you an award over at Primary Punch! Head over and check it out!

    Primary Punch


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