Thursday, March 1, 2012

RI - It's For Me!

Last week, we had a mini-week.  We were supposed to have vacation but lost due to Hurricane Irene.  So I came up with a mini-unit for the students to work on during our three days.  We researched our state!

First we brainstormed things we already knew about our state:

Then, we did our research and recorded our findings:

 We used many different books to find our information.

We even located our state on different maps!

Last, we put all our information into our All About My State booklets:

The finished product!

I was a little nervous about this project since it was very different than anything we've ever done before.  It was definitely a challenge for my little ones to do actual "research" but, boy, did they surprise me!  Not only did they do a really great job, but they loved it!

Up next:

Learning about American Symbols.  Click the picture to grab it over at TpT or here at TN.
Hopefully they enjoy this just as much!



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