Monday, October 17, 2011

Polka Dotted Freebies!!

I have a new obsession with polka dots. A major, crazy obsessive obsession. It's outta control. So I thought I would share with you! I downloaded these polka dot frames for free from Karen Cox on TpT and my classroom has been converted to full on polka dots! Okay, it's not that bad. But definitely go check out her product - they're awesome!

Here are some ways that I've started to use them in my classroom (and I've included some freebies from my TPT store!)

This is my "Where are We?" (click the link for your freebie!) poster that hangs on my classroom door. I have many, many students who are in and out of my classroom throughout the day. My line leader changes the 'where are we' circle to where we are at the moment. This way, if a student comes back and our class isn't in the room, they know where to find us.

Next, I made a new Book Nooks poster. Learn more about my Book Nooks here. My old one used clothespins and they were just too heavy. So I decided to make a....can you guess?...polka dotted one! This one is just wayyy more colorful too! I love it! Click here to get the freebie!

And, lastly, I made new book basket tags for my classroom. I'm so excited to have ones that all match. The tags are color-coded (i.e. leveled books are black, author baskets are orange, genre baskets are red, etc.). I chose to keep my non-fiction book labels (on the top shelf) because they had pictures on them, which I felt was helpful for some of my second graders. Here's a picture of my whole library and then a close-up.

Now, I just need matching baskets!


  1. Okay - I'm in the middle of doing my book nooks again (I used the old system - mine looked almost identical to yours) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new one. Of course your book nooks are different from mine...can you help me out? I love your colorful numbers...the whole thing. Could I either send you my info or you send it to me in a word doc? I promise not to pawn it off as my own...LOVE and it would be a lifesaver. Are the dots velcro?

  2. Absolutely! I'm glad you like them. Send me your email address ( I couldn't find it on your page). Yes, the dots are velcro. And I learned the hard way that velcro ruins your scissors. Oops.

  3. Love your new book nook poster- so colorful!
    Conversations in Literacy

    1. Thanks! It is so easy for my students to use independently and there are no fights over who's turn it is to use the different spots!

  4. Love your library! So organized- and love how clear the expectations are so that your students can work independently. Thank you for linking up. I am LOVING checking out all of the great classroom library ideas out there!


  5. I know this is an old post, but you're making the rounds on Pinterest these days! Quick question for you: What program do you use to make all this stuff? It's awesome! Also, thanks for offering so many free downloads on TpT. It's a great way for people to sample what you've done, and also, it's just nice to share! :) Makes me much more likely to buy things in the future!

  6. Hi Becky! Thanks for stopping by! I use PowerPoint to make all my materials. It is so much easier than Word! Thank you for all your kind words!

  7. I love your polka dot theme! I would like to make your where are we chart, but the link does not work. Is there any way I can still get this freebie?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Caroline!
      I'm so glad that you like them! The link didn't work because I updated the product. It should be all set now! You get the new and improved one! Here's the link again:


  8. What do you use to put the "Where are we" on? Thanks! I love it!

  9. Looks so great! I am obsessed with organizing!
    Teaching With Style

  10. Sara,
    I know you posted this a LONG time ago but, I have been following you for a long time. I just started a blog and am trying to put some resources that I made up for people. I used your idea when I student taught but changed the backgrounds to a candy stripe that matched all the other labels I had made. I am curious (of course I would credit you) if you would have a problem with me putting up my version of this on my site-for free?
    Thanks much
    Lessons With Coffee


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