Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Little Less Conversation

Ok, well not a little less conversation, just a little less speaking. I'm going to start using ASL in my classroom and I'm soo excited! I've always wanted to learn sign language, ever since I was in high school. However, neither my high school nor my college offered a course in it.

My resource teacher (and one of my closest friends) used ASL every once in a while with some of our students with more severe special needs. Without thinking, she would try to talk to me (so that the kids couldn't understand) but I had no idea what she was saying! I wanted so badly to use it in my classroom.

We finally found a class that was being offered and are now in our 4th week of classes. I'm picking up on it wayy faster than I thought I would! We've learned the basics - alphabet, verbs, family members, and greetings.

I've decided that this week, I'm going to introduce some of the greetings to my kids during morning meeting. Every day, we do a morning greeting in our circle. This week we are going to greet each other in sign language - I can't wait to see how my kiddos do with it! I'm also hoping to use more signs throughout the day in an effort to create a friendlier classroom environment.

Here is a website that shows basic ASL signs if anyone wants to check it out!

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  1. So cool!! I am inspired. I want to learn ASL, too! I have always wanted to learn ASL...since I was a young child and our small town high school basketball team played the Georgia School for the Deaf (GSD) tigers. We were tigers, too. I introduced myself (all the cheerleaders did) by spelling my name. It was neat! :) I've gotta find a buddy like you did. Thanks for the inspiration!


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