Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monday Made It!

I worked really hard on my Monday Made It this week!!  

I am a little intimidated by craft-like thingys but I went for it.  Everyone keeps talking about Mod Podge (which I had never heard about before in my life).  Well, meet my new little best friend: 

Such a cool thing to use!  Now here is what I made:

I know, right?!  I'm so impressed with myself!

I found these cute little buckets in the Dollar Section of Target (of course).  I'm pretty sure they were the last ones too!  I've always used the buckets from Target for my pencils but they never matched!  One was stripes and the other was polka dots.  Or one was red and the other blue.  Now they match!  The labels are from the wonderful Kristen over at Ladybug's Teacher Files

Again these trays are from the Dollar Section at Target.  I was drawn by the bright colors!  And I also got the labels from Ladybug's Teacher Files.

I covered the plain Dollar Store clipboards with star duct tape and wah-lah!  They are so much cuter!  I need to go get some more clipboards now!  The box is from the Dollar Section $2.50 spot at Target and guess who the label is from??  Ladybug's Teacher Files!  Thank you Kristen!!

I feel so accomplished and it's not even noon time (I even squeezed in some gym time this morning)!!  I am really excited that all my labels matched.  I think it's going to make my classroom really come together.

Now I'm off to watch the Women's Soccer Team play - so excited!  Go USA!!


  1. Now I know what Mod Podge is! I'll have to try it. Also, I bought that same duck tape for making ruler holders! Love it!

    Krazy About Kiddos

  2. Very cute! I have never used mod podge!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. I love your bins! Modge Podge is a teacher's must-have.
    Thanks for sharing. I am a new follower and would love to have you join my "Blogs of Inspiration" page.
    Happy Teaching,

    TIPS: Teach, Inspire, and Prepare Students

  4. All your projects turned out great! I love the idea of using duct tape on the clipboards. I might just have to try that!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  5. You did a fantastic job! I love the READ letters. I did some a few days ago similar to yours. :) It was my first experience with Mod Podge too. Isn't it scary at first?
    Love what you did with the labels, it reminds me of something else I need to add to my to do list!
    Blessings of Teaching

  6. Wow! You were one busy girl! Everything looks fabulous! I love how your buckets & labels came out & your READ letters. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  7. Thank YOU Sara!! I'm so happy you were able to use them and I got a huge kick out of seeing them on your storage! You have tons of great bright containers--I love them! Thanks again :) :) :)

  8. All of your projects turned out great!! Isn't Modge Podge the best!!! I am your newest follower. I would love for you to stop by secondgradechatter@blogspot.com for a visit. Always fun keeping up with fellow 2nd grade teachers.

  9. Just curious how you did the clipboards!


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