Sunday, September 16, 2012

Learning the Facts with a Donation

One of the most important concepts in the Math Common Core for second graders is fact fluency.  They need to have those facts memorized!  I put together a product to help the students practice and to keep track of how the students are doing.

You start with a binder:

Inside, is a chart for the whole class.  Each time a student successfully memorizes a fact set, the teacher marks it off on the classroom chart.  It is a quick visual to see where each student stands.

I created a tab for each student:

Behind each tab, is a page for each set of facts.  I test the students in one set of facts each week.  I check off the facts that they get correct.

If a student gets all the facts right twice, they bump up to the next set of facts.  If they get one or more wrong, they get to take home a set of flash cards to study from the file bin:

Here are the flash cards that I use to test the students:

And I organized them in an index card bin:

Check it out!


Today, my husband and I participated in our 8th Walk to Defeat ALS walk together: 

We met at the walk 8 years ago.  A few months prior, my grandfather had passed away from ALS or Lou Gehrig's Disease.  A couple years later, his father passed away from this horrible disease.  Needless to say, it is a cause near and dear to our hearts.

Since I finished my "Who Knows the Facts?" product today, I am going to donate all the proceeds that I make from this product through the end of September to the ALS Association of RI.  Please consider purchasing it, if only to donate to this cause.  I thank you so much!


  1. What a great cause! That unit is amazing! I'm sure you will be able to make a big for ALS.

  2. Your unit looks great! You are doing such a wonderful thing by donating to a great cause!!

    One Class, One Sound


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