Monday, March 18, 2013

What's in the Box??

In my Five for Friday post last week, I mentioned that I got a box in the mail:

I LOVE getting mail.  Sometimes I order stuff just so I can have something to look forward to on my front steps!  The anticipation is just so exciting.
I was contacted by MPM School Supplies.  They asked me if I would go shopping in their store in exchange for a review.  My answer?  Of course!  Is there anything more exciting for an elementary school teacher than shopping for school supplies?!

The prices at MPM are so affordable.  They offered me $25.00 and look at all the stuff I was able to get!

My students love to play games in our classroom.  Luckily there are a lot of games involved in our math curriculum!  However, those dice?  They are LOUD!  I hear them bouncing across desks...onto chairs...and onto the floor.   Then I discovered these foam dice from MPM School Supplies.

 And they came in their own ziploc baggie for storage!

I have started hanging up my pocket charts on my {magnetic} whiteboards.  Pocket charts can be a tad heavy, especially when there are things in the pockets.  I've been using about 5 magnets per chart to hold them up.  I ran out of magnets!  So I searched for some magnetic hooks and I was pleasantly surprised with the colorful magnetic hooks:

Nothing says "elementary school" like some bright colors!  When they arrived, I couldn't wait to try them out.  Of course it was a Saturday and I was nowhere near school.  So I put it to the test with some household supplies.  I hung up my {very} heavy wintercoat and those things did not move an inch!

I will warn you, though, not to put them too close together.  I did...and then I couldn't get them apart!  They are that strong.  Husband to the rescue!

One thing that I use all the time in my classroom are lined notepads.  They are perfect for sending notes home to parents.  They are smaller than notebook paper so it's easier to store.  I am pretty picky, however, and I need to have lines on my notepads.  I found the perfect one from MPM!

I seem to have developed a new love for anything puppy related.  And how cute is this Paw Prints Notepad??  The website also has a lot of matching teacher supplies!

Magna Borders are my newest favorite teacher supply.  They are borders that are magnetic!  I bought them over the summer at another teacher store and covered my back wall in them.  I was missing a few feet, but I just used a desk to cover up the missing area.

Then I discovered that MPM had the same exact ones!  I was so excited!  My whole white board is finally covered!

The MPM website is extremely easy to use.  The search engine was my favorite part.  I was able to put in an item and the results were exactly what I was looking for.  The website is organized by department making it easy to find an item.  The shipping was free and quick!  My items arrived in less time than I thought -awesome!

Now here's a little treat for you!  10% off the first 10 orders!  Go grab this deal quick!!

Also, have you heard of Educents??

Starting on April 2nd, they will be featuring daily deals on education-related products for 30-90% off.  It reminds me of Groupon, but for educators!  Sign up today to get a $10 gift card!


  1. I ordered from MPM too! Love their stuff. You got some great things. :)
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. SO excited about the magna borders! I need some stronger hook magnets too. Those colorful ones are too cute!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  3. Hi Sarah! Just ran across your review and wanted to say thanks again for taking part in our promotion! It looks like you found some fun products to use in the classroom :) {I teach a Wednesday night class at my church and I know EXACTLY what you mean about using regular game dice! Is it sad that it never occurred to me to search for foam ones?! Great find!}

    We're thrilled that you had a positive shopping experience with MPM School Supplies! We know that you're busy and, even though shopping can be fun, we recognize that it still adds an entry on the ever-growing to do list - so thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to check out our teacher store and share about your experience!

    We hope you enjoy your purchases!

    Have a lovely week & happy learning!


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