Monday, February 20, 2012

All About My State Freebie

In my class, we have been doing the Flat Stanley project.  Learn about it {here}.  We also got some Flat Stanleys sent to us as well!  I really wanted to help my students learn about their state through this process. So this week, since we only have 3 days of school, I thought we would do a mini-unit on our little state, Rhode Island.  To help my students keep track of their research, I created a worksheet for them to record the information they find.  I'm sharing it as a freebie!  Click the picture to get it.

Then, I thought it would be fun to put all our information into a booklet that they could keep.  We'll send some with our Flat Stanleys too.

Check it out in my {TpT store} and my {Teachers Notebook Store}.

Oh, and speaking of my state, all of RI is on vacation this week except my district.  I'm not bitter or anything.


  1. We got a Flat Stanley in the mail on Friday. I am so excited to share him with my students after break this week and then we will mail him back to you!


  2. Love Flat Stanley! I am from MA but currently teach in S. Korea. If you ever want to send Flat Stanley this way please let me know. We would love it.

  3. I love your site:) thanks for following!!

  4. What program do you make your freebies in?

    1. Hi Courtney! I use PowerPoint to make all my activities now. I never would have thought to use it before, but it's soo much easier and simpler than Word.

  5. Have you deleted this Freebie off your TPT site?



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