Thursday, February 16, 2012

How I Met My Hunny

Okay, I'm a little lot late to this party, but I'm linking up with Chrissy over at Buzzing with Ms. B for How'd You Meet Your Hunny.

Please note: The hubs has MUCH older siblings and I have very young parents.  The hubs and I are the same age.

Here's the story:

I was a junior in high school and my aunt was pretty good friends with his older sister.  They decided that we would be good for each other and wanted to hook us up.  My cousin and his nephew were also best friends at the time and were so excited that they might be related soon (they were 6 years old)!  But...hold up...he had a girlfriend.  Guess that plan is out the window.

Fast forward 3 years.  Apparently we met at a walk to benefit ALS.  Neither of us remember this.  And he had a girlfriend at this time too.  Again, plan is out the window.

Fast forward another 2 years (this is going somewhere, I promise).  We meet again at another ALS walk.  He comes up to me and starts telling me a story about how some random 3-year old girl woke him up that morning.  That was about the extent of our conversation.  My family followed me around the rest of the day calling me by his last name.  They though they were sooo funny.  I was slightly very embarrassed.

My aunt emailed me a few days later to tell me that he was interested in me.  ME?!?  Sure, you can give him my number.  A week and a half goes by.  I had just about given up on him when he called me that Sunday evening.  I was a little nervous, I'm not a phone talker.  At all.  My mom is the only one who gets to talk to me longer than 3 minutes on the phone, mainly because she doesn't stop talking.  

Well, we talked for 7 and half hours!  We were both sitting next to the wall by the end because we had to plug our cell phones in.  He asked me out and we went on our first date the following Sunday.  He showed up with a dozen roses and took me to a really fancy restaurant.  We talked the whole time, like we had known each other for years.  

And, 6 years later he asked me to marry him.  This was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple!  I love him more than I thought was possible.  We just work together, ya know?

The year we started dating:

We love going to sport events together:

We love being goofy:

 And we love each other!

So that's it!  Now I get to keep him for life - yay!

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  1. Aw this is a nice story. How funny that you'd met so many times before it finally stuck!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your story!
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  2. Marvelous story! My hubby & I dated six years before tying the knot, too. :)


    Stapler’s Strategies for Sizzlin' Second Graders!

  3. i <3 your both look so happy! thanks for sharing your sweet


  4. I don't know how I missed this - but thank goodness for a week off...I can catch up on everything I've missed. Sooooooo, darn cute!!!! Wish you could have come on over to Michigan for our bash...are there any other bloggers in your area?!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  5. Adorable story! Thanks for sharing!

    To The Square Inch


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