Saturday, February 25, 2012

I Love Money!

Just created a new unit on money!  I created some games and worksheets to help my students build their coin fluency.  It works well with any unit on money!

There are puzzles:

Flash cards/Memory match:


And much more!

Check it out at my:

Also, I have a question.  I just watched Charity Preston's Mini-Video course on TpT and I learned so much about the Seller's Forum.  However, I can't get to it!  Every time I click the link for the Seller's Forum, it brings me to the TpT homepage or to a TpT search for products about forums.  Umm...what?  How do I get to it?!?


  1. Hey there, I was having the same issue with the forums. I finally had to switch browsers completely (neither Safari nor Firefox would work for me). I downloaded Google Chrome and viola' TpT Forums would open, but only in that browser! Weird.... :)

    Your money unit looks great! I have one in my TpT store too and it looks like they would complement each other well :)

    Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

    1. Thank you! I just downloaded Google Chrome and it worked perfectly. I've been on the forums all morning, haha.

      And I just checked out your money unit - I love the games that you created! Our products would definitely go well together :)

  2. I love these money matching cards! I think I will do something like this but for kinder!
    Love it!
    Miss S

    Just Teaching...Kindergarten

  3. Help! How do I grab your button? I'm trying to post "buttons" on my blog, but I'm not having any luck.


  4. I always use Chrome and sometimes I still have trouble. If I do, I logout and login again and that seems to work. Actually, I've found that fixes most of my TpT glitches!

  5. These are great! What program do you make your resources in!?

    1. Thanks! I use PowerPoint. I used to use Word, but PowerPoint is sooo much easier. It doesn't move things around like Word does. They're so much fun to make!


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