Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Inside My School Bag

Loving The Inspired Apple's Linky Party! ( I think I just like linky parties in general...) It's all about your teacher bag! I'm not a girl who loves shoes, jewelry or clothes. But I am obsessedddd with bags of any kind!

Here's my teacher bag. Its pink (my favorite color) Land's End bag. It's awesome! It is so durable and strong, it doesn't tip over and it's so easy to carry. It has my initials on it too. However, my initials are changing this weekend! Trying to convince the (almost) hubby that I just neeeeed a new one with my new initials on it ;)

Inside my bag you won't find much tonight! T-4 days until my wedding means not a lot of school work is getting done when I get home at night! Here's what I have though:

My Vera lunchbox! I just thought this was so cute. Kinda takes up a lot of room though. I tend to use my other Vera lunch box more often. It's not as cute, but saves some room.

Camelbak waterbottle. I don't ever leave home without this thing! This one has two layers to keep your drink colder and to reduce condensation. It definitely keeps my water colder, but there's still a lot of condensation. Love the colors too!

I worked at Staples for 7 years. This was the first summer that I didn't run the Teacher Appreciation Day, but a colleague picked up a bag for me. Not sure why it's still in my bag (it's empty)!

My old Ipod that I use in my classroom's listening center. I've downloaded a bunch of books from Itunes. I put the Ipod and the copies of the books in my listening center. The kids love it! I have to bring it home to charge every night though.

I get great ideas from this catalog! Some I order, some I try to re-create myself.

We are launching Writer's Workshop this year. Lucy Calkins has some great ideas!

Told you it was a little empty tonight! Hop on over to the Inspired Apple to join her linky party! I'm always looking for new bag ideas :)


  1. This is embarrassing...I didn't even know you could download books on ITUNES!!!! Stop the world. Going to check it out right now!!!!

    Congrats on your upcoming nuptials!!!! I hope you have a stress-free next few days!!!!


  2. my bag usually has a camelbak bottle as well! :)

  3. I love your lunch box! Never heard of a camelbak water bottle. It is cute!

  4. Found you through the teacher bag link up and I'm a new follower :)
    Love your water bottle, that is cute!

  5. I definitely recommend the camel bak! I use it ALL the time - the gym, school, errands, etc.

    @Abby - iTunes has quite a selection of kids picture and chapter books! I always assumed it was just books for adults. It's great!

  6. I love your bag (probably since I have the same one, just in blue!)

    I really need to get better about carrying a water bottle, I tend to just buy them and that is so not environmentally friendly!

  7. I'm a new follower, through the linky party. Welcome to blogging. So addictive!


  8. VERY cute bag! I am late to Abby's linky party but here is mine

    By the way, CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding!!


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