Thursday, September 1, 2011


Ask any one of my friends or colleagues to describe me in one word, they're sure to answer "organized." I have a place for everything and everything in it's place! I get teased endlessly, but I don't mind because being organized makes me happy. I cure a bad day by cleaning (at which point, people always say "come clean my house/room/etc!").

So when I saw this post by Create-Teach-Share

I knew that I wanted to make one for myself! She even posted some freebie labels. Mine is a little bit simpler. I'm thinking of adding stickers to spice it up, what do you think?

While I was purchasing my new Teacher Toolbox at Lowes (click the link to see the box), I also found another organizational tool that I could use! I've been constantly looking for a way to store my overhead math materials (I don't have a fancy smartboard), but couldn't find anything to fit my needs. Then I came across this, also from Lowes (again, click the link):

It's all labeled and ready to go on my overhead cart! I'm so excited to have all my tools organized! I definitely get to teach more when I'm not searching for my stuff. Thank you again, Create-Teach-Share! (Head over to her blog, she has sooo much great stuff!)

Still can't get into my classroom due to the hurricane, but I'm hoping tomorrow will be the day. Then I'll post pictures before the kids arrive!

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