Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not Really a Dollar

I just found a new blog through Pinterest.  Amanda over at Mrs. Terhune's First Grade Site!  I thought I was organized, but WOW!  She has some awesome pictures of her organization in her classroom.  I was especially impressed with how prepared she is ahead of time.  One thing that helps her stay organized for the week is the All-Purpose Teacher's Organizer from Lakeshore.

But, $49.95?!? Dang, that baby is expensive.  No thank you.  Thennn it was Target Dollar Spot to the rescue!  They had almost the same exact bins.  They didn't come with the fancy wire rack, but I think I can handle keeping my bins on the shelf thankyouverymuch.  They also had only 4 colors, but, hey green is my favorite color - I got two!  They don't have those labels either, but I made my own!  (which, I think, look better)  Here they are!

And a close-up:

Oh, and one other thing.  They weren't a dollar!  Apparently the "dollar spot"  also includes items that are $2.50.  What's up with that?  But $12.50 is wayyy cheaper than the Lakeshore ones!
I'm so excited to start using them!


  1. Ooh...looks like I need to hit up target! although, a lot of times what y'all post you find in the dollar spot, I never are in my dollar spot. poo....

  2. This looks awesome! Much cuter than my plastic drawers I have, I have a drawer for each day of the week.
    Stories From Second

  3. I love your labels. I have the one from Lakeshore but I like yours better.

    Swimming into Second

  4. Target's on my list for tomorrow to look for these!

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  5. I got mine at Target too!! Such a great deal!!

  6. Whoa stop the bus... those are awesome..going to have to check out Target tomorrow!

    Following Optimism

  7. SO awesome! I need to get these! I have wanted the Lakeshore ones forever but I'm too poor (wait, teachers aren't rich?!) Thanks for sharing!
    To The Square Inch

  8. FYI...I got purple and orange there in August. Maybe they will have them again!

    Second Grade Silliness 

  9. Great find! I am a sucker for the Target Dollar Section. In my mind, "Hey, it's only a dollar." At the cash register, "Your total is ......{never a dollar}" :o)

    Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

  10. I love the Target dollar spot! I did the SAME thing in my room (I'll have to take a pic) and I love using those bins! It's great to be able to just pick it up and move it around the room during the day, too :)

  11. Wow, what a great find. I'm going to have to start keeping a list of all the things I need to find at Target. It's about 30 min. to the nearest one. I've tagged you in a post...



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