Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We're Goin to the Ship!

Okay, I may be this petite, blonde-haired, cute, quiet teacher when you first meet me.  But put me in front of my New England sports teams and I become, well...a little obnoxious.  Not gonna beat around the bush there.  But I love my Sox, Pats and Bruins!

Speaking of Patriots...I think they might...I think...oh yeah...they're headed to the Super Bowl baby!  (obnoxious, right?)  To celebrate, I made some football activities for my kids to do on Friday.  Click on the preview to get your copy before Sunday!

All of the activities are generic (they aren't specific to this year's Super Bowl), so they can be put in your files for next year too!


  1. Love this! I also love that it's generic enough for any team. I always use my love of football to win over all my boys! :)
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