Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Money Exchange Game

Even though money isn't really in the Common Core anymore (apparently coins will be obsolete in 20 years - who knew?), we still need to touch on it for the state testing our students will take before we are in full PARCC mode.

Today we threw in a game from the Everyday Math series.  I'm pretty sure it's just called The Money Exchange Game.  Original.

Each pair of students receives a handful of coins.  They divide the coins into like piles (dimes, nickels, etc.).  One student rolls a die and picks up the amount of money to match the die.  For example, if you roll a 4, you pick up 4 cents.

As the students acquire more money, they "exchange" it for larger coins.  The first student to reach $1.00, wins!

I'm sure you have heard of this game before.  The reason behind my sharing this with you is that my students did so well with it!  Not only did they play the game well, but they helped each other out by "teaching" their partners how to exchange their coins.  They were so respectful of each other, it was amazing and wonderful to watch.  I was so so so proud of them!!


  1. We play this game all the time. I did not know coins would be obsolete in 20 years, but it kinda makes (scary) sense (cents)...
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  2. Thanks for sharing! This will be great for my class to do during Power Hour.

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