Saturday, December 15, 2012

With a Heavy Heart...

As teachers, it is our job, our duty, our passion to provide a safe haven for our students. To allow our students, no matter their age, a place where they can express themselves and grow freely. What happens when the feeling of safety is taken away?  What happens when we can't protect them?  It's the biggest fear of any teacher. And now that fear has become a reality for the teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

When I found out about the tragedy that had taken place, I could not fathom what had occurred.  The colleague who was informing me had to repeat the news three times before I could process this horrific event. Thankfully I didn't have students at the time and could spend a few minutes gathering my thoughts.  I waited until I got home before I just broke down and cried.

I cried for the children who won't make it to their kindergarten graduation. I cried for the parents who have presents wrapped under their Christmas trees that will never be opened. The parents who will be planning funerals rather than visits to Santa. I cried for the children who will never feel safe at school again. I cried for the teachers who will always have their guard up for fear of their students.

Please join the blogging community in a day of silence. We will be remembering all the lives lost and affected by this tragedy. Please visit Megan Farley's blog for more information on Thursday of silence.

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