Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Hold-It-All Notebook

So, anybody go to meetings?  Yeah, me too.  I needed a way to keep track of all my notes in a simple way.  PBIS, RTI, IEP, Faculty Meetings, Professional Development, PTF, SIT.  I didn't want multiple notebooks since I really didn't use that many pages per committee and that's a lot of notebooks!  Insert the Hold-It-All Notebook!  Here is how I do it.

I start by picking out a notebook I really like.  Meetings are easier to go to when I have something pretty to look at.  Then I use sticky labels to label every 10 pages or so, depending on how many sections I need (I am very OCD and have to have the same amount of pages in each section).

Here's a close-up of my labels:

Oh, and it was cold out today:


  1. I love this idea! I need to make one of these ASAP! I'm thinking tomorrow during my in-service training. Shhhh…don't tell.

    Right now, I have one composition notebook that I use for everything. I always end up flipping through it to try to find my notes from that meeting the other day and boy does it get messy! What a waste of time. Your idea is so simply yet BRILLIANT. Thanks for this.

    Is that 8 as in 8 degrees? That's COLD! I live in Texas and am currently freezing. It has been hovering around 30 degrees here but tomorrow it might snow a little. That is a big deal for us Texans. Who knows? Maybe they will cancel our training? Keep your fingers crossed and come stop by my blog!

    -The Frizz

  2. Simple but brilliant, thanks for sharing. I will make one of these tomorrow.

    The Reading Buddies

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  4. I love this notebook idea! I have a bunch of different notebooks for these different meetings and I never use the whole notebook. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Covered in Glitter and Glue

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