Friday, January 4, 2013

What a Crazy Ride!

Wow!  This is post #242!  I can't believe I have posted almost 250 times over the past year and half.  If someone had told me last September that I was still blogging, I wouldn't have believed them!  But I am so glad that I have kept up with it, I have met so many wonderful teachers out there who are willing to share their ideas and expertise.

When I started in September of 2011 I didn't, well, have a clue.  I had never blogged before and didn't know what I was doing!  I wasn't sure what was okay and what wasn't.   I just followed the lead of some pretty fabulous (and seasoned) bloggers.

Christina Bainbridge, however, has created some helpful tips for bloggers and TpT sellers - check it out!

Bunting Books and Bainbridge

Click the picture to read more over at her blog.

Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Yay for almost 250! I'm getting close to 200, and certainly never thought I would hang in there that long. Way to go!

    Happy weekend!
    Teachery Tidbits


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